Our Mission

We seek to provide a Scripturally based curriculum that will not only entertain but will also challenge the hearts and minds of the volunteers and children.
We seek to create an experience through fellowship and learning that will leave a lasting and positive mark on children and volunteers alike for many years.
We seek to encourage our volunteers to continue maturing in their faith while providing examples of Christ-like service to the families of the conference.

Our Story

        In May of 2012, a group of eighteen young adults and teens with a heart for children's ministry came together to see what they could do to help improve the children's conference for MPE. Within a couple of months, they had already begun writing a curriculum for what would be the first MPEKids conference in April of 2013. While the MPEK Leadership Team has changed in number and members over the years, the mission of serving the MPE parents and children has not changed. The Leadership Team currently consists of eighteen individuals who meet throughout the year to see that the next conference fulfills the MPEKids Mission:   
                                                                                 -Engage. Impact. Encourage.

Tommy Trendel

Director of MPE Kids

With almost 20 years of children's ministry experience, Tommy brings a heart for God's Word and service that makes up the foundation of MPEK's values. Tommy began serving with MPE's children's conference at the age of fourteen and has since made it a yearly commitment to serve the homeschooling community in this way. In 2012 Tommy was part of the original group that formed what is now known as MPE Kids and was later made director of their team. Tommy has been proud to serve and lead the MPEK team for the last 12 years and looks forward to the work God continues to do through the MPE homeschooling community. 

Tommy and his wife, Elise, have been serving as part of MPE Kids since before they had even started dating. Now married for 8 years, the two attend team meetings with their three little ones: Joelle, Brynna, and Liam. When not spending time with his family, Tommy serves in his church as he prepares for pastoral ministry and serving as director for their children's ministry programs. 


Check out our all original themes from past years!

These are creatively prepared with thematic verses and imaginative skits!


Our team has taken a few of our favorite MPEK worship songs and made a video to show the hand-motions that go along with them. Watch and join in as you learn the words and motions with us!