Join the Leadership Team

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The leadership team works throughout the year to create, organize, and implement what is needed to make the conference happen. This could involve serving in a number of roles, including: T-Shirt Design, Script Writing/Editing, Web Management, Registration, Craft Organization, and much more!


The members of the Leadership Team typically meet 6-7 times in the Fall through Spring to prepare for the conference. While these meetings are not mandatory in many cases, they will allow you to be a greater help to the team and to the conference as a whole. Virtual attendance is possible as well if you are unable to attend in person. Meeting Locations are determined prior to scheduling the meeting in most cases. 

We encourage you to use the skills you have, but also want to see you grow and try new things within the team. Just be honest about your capabilities, and we will all be behind you. This is a team effort, you are not on your own. 


Jobs and responsibilities will be assigned at meetings as they arise. There are several subcommittees within the team that may need a new addition to their crew, or there may be a new job that requires someone to assess and manage. Feel free to claim what you can, don't just wait for something to be passed onto you.


We hope this has proven informative as you decide whether or not to pursue a role on the leadership team. We cannot guarantee we will have positions open for everyone, but we hope the opportunity allows for us to serve even more together!