Our Themes
Every year, the MPEKids Leadership Team puts together a brand new theme for both children and volunteers to enjoy. 
Take a look at some of our past themes and maybe even get a sneak peek at the next theme to come!

Introducing the 2019 MPEKids Theme!

In 2019s MPEKids theme, Missionary Impossible, a group of spies seeks to assist and understand the goals of missionaries from across the world and throughout time. We will all work together as agents to pursue God's great mission in this fun theme, accompanied with skits, games, bounce house, crafts, and so much more!
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  1. Time Agents
    In MPEKids' first ever theme, we join two misfit time cadets and their fearless captain as they journey through time to discover God's plan for us. David and Goliath, Pocahontas, Queen Esther and Eric Liddell are only a few men and women of history our crew will encounter in our stories. An unforgettable adventure with a timeless message!
  2. The Mysterious Kingdom
    In MPEK's 2015 theme, “The Mysterious Kingdom” we meet Detective Shirley Locke and her friends as they attempt to solve the mysteries about the Kingdom of God. The Parables Jesus told come to life as crimes and cases in Victorian London. The Case of The Lost Coin and The Case of The Wayward Son are only a few of the many mysteries that we solved together!
  3. Run the Race
    In the 2016 MPEK theme, "Running The Race" a coach trains a group of athletes to compete in an Olympic event against competitors from around the world. Along the way, they learn how similar the physical training is to their spiritual training, and what it means to run the Christian race.
  4. The Quest
    Introducing MPEKids' 2017 theme “The King’s Quest”! The King’s squires are sent on an adventure to recruit allies for the kingdom and battle the forces of the dark kingdom. We will learn what it means to be in the King’s army, as well as how we have been equipped to face the darkness ourselves. A fantastical quest that you won't soon forget.
  5. Tales From the West
    Saddle up for a wild west adventure in MPE Kid's 2018 theme, "Tales from the West"! When the sheriff of an old western town looks to retire, wild and crazy things happen as he tries to train his replacement. These stories will teach what it means to live a life according to God's law instead of the world's law, and why we can trust that God's Word is good to live by.
  6. Hidden Treasure
    In MPEK's 2014 theme, an archaeologist and a group of ambitious explorers go on a legendary adventure that combats the world's view of self-worth and searches for where our worth is truly found. In this fun, archaeological adventure, we'll travel the world as we explore the truth behind one of the greatest stories in history!